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MATRIX Engineering and Trading has been enjoying close cooperation with TECO-Westinghouse as one of well-known  international ElectricMotor premier designer and project oriented manufacturers. Over the past few years we have accomplished many  challenging supplies to new projects as well as old plants which has developed and enviable reputation for high quality motors, reliability  and innovation.It is our ability to interrogate problems and provide comprehensive solutions for the replacement of old design and discontinued  motors as well as defected motors which the client was desperately looking to replace that with a new suitable alternative not necessarily from original brand.



MATRIX & Fortune Electric


Fortune Electric is a world class manufacturer of oil filled distribution and power trasnformers up to 400 KV/1200 MVA. Fortune also builds Cast Coil transformers up to 10,000 KVA/24KV, Gas Insulated Switches up to 24 KVA/161 KV, and low voltage and medium voltage switchgears and MCC.

MATRIX & Formosa Gear


Formosa Gear Plant, licensed by RENK, Germany and equipped with state of the art machine tools, is a leading gear manufacturer in Taiwan.Formosa can hob gears up to 8.0 meters in diameter, skive spiral bevel gear up to 1.15 meters in diameters and precision grind gears up to 4.0 meters in diameters.

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