ŔźDistrict Cooling Industry

With extensive experience in the District Cooling industry, TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company is committed to providing reliable products that meet the needs of this rapidly growing industry.

With our historic cooperation with OEM's who have long experience in the Steel industry for their new projects or plant optimization, working on applications from pelletizing to direct reduction plants have made us confident about our ability to provide high quality solutions.

The water industry has high demands for reliability versus cost control especially true for the contractors executing water projects and we are fortunate to have enjoyed close cooperation with our partners to meet these demands, they have shown with their global experience and understanding they can offer highly valued solutions.

In the Cement Industry the key applications for driven equipment are Crusher, ID Fan, Raw Mill, Kiln, Cement Mill and are critical to keep the plant under full production so  we know the importance of each application and have proven history to meet clients demands to supply the right solution.


The Mining industry has one of the highest demands and severest conditions for electrical and rotary equipment and has applications that often require continuous production 24/7, 365 days a year, so the right design, experience and grade of materials must be applied.


With our experience in Oil & Gas we know that complying with the specifications and standards of engineering companies for global end users has been the challenge for equipment designers, along with the detailed documentation required, we have always tried to manage these projects from initial design to commissioning in professional and insightful way.

Saving energy is something industry is always trying to achieve, our partners with their patented designs and innovative solutions for applications like FD, ID fans and boiler feed pumps for speed control along with providing better power factors on motors are just few points that can ensure our clients can meet their targets to reduce their energy consumption.


What We Do?


Matrix is a global engineering solutions company, with over 14 years of experience, focusing on projects in all major industries. We strive to be the best independent supplier of large electric motors, drives, soft starts and transformers. Our aim is to give the highest level of professional service and support, to be dedicated to the needs of our clients to exceed their expectations and to deliver the best value solution.




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