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Replacement of ABB Motor

Application: Fan

2460 kW, 690V, 6 Pole,  IC611

Efficiency: %96.5

AMB:  50°C



Replacement of SRIM Motor

Application: Cement Mill

5450 kW, 6300V, 6 Pole, IC 611

Efficiency: %97




Replacement of Elin LV Motor

Application: Kiln Fan Motor

1776 kW, 690V, 6 Pole




Replacement of VEM Motor

Application: Cement Mill

6500 kW, 6300V, 6 Pole




Replacement of MV Motor

Application: Slip Ring Seprator Fan

1940 kW, 6300V, 8 Pole, IC611

Efficiency: %96.5





Cement Industry

We start with the best people, engineering expertise and over a century of knowledge and know-how of electrification and process control in cement production. Our team then provides integrated products, services and solutions to help customers in the cement industry optimize their power and productivity resulting in increased availability and lower lifetime investment costs.

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