Coil Innovation specialises in the design, manufacture and sales of power inductors for electrical power systems, especially of air-core dry-type reactors.The company was founded in July 2004 as a private limited company by a team with a wealth of experience in this branch of business and a high degree of product knowledge. The founders form the core operational team of the company and hold the majority of the shares. They are supported by a young, motivated and highly-qualified team of employees. The rest of the shares are held by strategic partners, for example by the Haase Company, located in Graz, Austria, which is a key supplier, providing the aluminum conductormaterial for the manufacture of air-core dry-typereactor windings.

For the manufacture of power inductors, modernproduction facilities, were built in Eferding, in the heart of Upper-Austria, consisting of approximately 5.000 m² of production area and 1.000 m² of office area. As well as innovative production equipment, Coil Innovation disposes of a state of the art high voltage testing laboratory.Innovation and quality are key elements of the strategic alignment of Coil Innovation.

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