Eddy Current Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

0.37kW to 160kW

  • Cast Iron construction

  • Foot mounted

  • Drive motor

  1. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IC411)

  2. 380~415 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hz (other supplies on request)

  3. Highest quality insulation system utilizing Class H and F materials

  4. Low temperature rise for substantial thermal reserve

  5. Continuous rated, duty type S1

  6. Cast Iron Construction with side mounted fabricated steel terminal box

  • Eddy Current Coupling

  1. Output speed 1200 ~ 120 RPM (4 pole drive motor, 50 Hz)

  2. IP20 protection rating

  3. Tacho feedback to controller

  • Control Panel R400C

  1. For speed control of Eddy Current Coupling

  2. Power supply requirement 240 Volt single phase 50 Hz

  3. Enclosed to IP20 suitable for panel mounting

  • Cement Industry

Speed control of helper drive of rotory kiln Proportional speed drives of supply feeders, clinker feeders and air quenching coolers Operation of constant weighing feeders* Exhaust fan or cooler grate drives for pressure control

  • Rubber and Chemcal Industries

Calender drive

Operations of extruder, pelletizer, granulator, ect. Operations of feed pump, circulating pump of other process Pumps on the outputs of PID regulators

  • Paper Industry

Main drive of group drive paper machine Starting motor for paper machine Helper drive for paper machine Driver of rewinder, cutter, ect.

Pump drive Proportional speed drive of hard board corrugating machine

  • Chemical Fiber Industry

Coordinate drive of resin finishing machine, slusher, ect. Printing machine drive Warper drive

  • Utility, Waste Water & Sewage

Drive for Cooling Pumps Proportional Systems for waste water treatment Circulator pump drives Drive for fans, blowers, ect

  • Electric Wire Making

Operation of tubing machine, extruder, wire winding, ect. Torque control of wire drawing machine Speed control of cooper casting machine

  • Metal Industry

Coordinate drive of strip processing machine* Helper drive of strip processing machine Speed control of electric weld tubemill, rollers Operation of winder or rewinderDrive of fans and pumps

  • Mining Industry

Driver of conveyors, feeders, ect. Coordinate drive of strip processing machine Helper drive of long distance conveyors Excavator drive

  • Other Industries

Dredger pump drives Drive of bread baking machines* Operation of fans pumps, blowers, ect Conveyor drives Main drive for presses and stamping machines Machine tool spindle and cutting drives

Eddy Current Motor