General Information

These series of motors are capable of withstanding pressure during an internal explosion so that such an explosion does not vent into the external atmosphere which could also be explosive. They are also designed to prevent the occurrence of sparks, arcs, or hot spots in service, which avoids any further risk of explosion.

Standard Featurs :
  • Output Power: 1/4-11,200HP
  • Voltage Range: 200-11,000 V
  • Pole Number: 2-8
  • Frequency: 50, 60 Hz
Technical Features :
  • Rugged Cast-Iron or Steel Structure frame construction
  • Horizontal & Vertical mounting
  • Non-Sparking Fan and Dust Slingers
  • Non - Contract seal
  • CSA Certificate: Class I, Div.2 (Zone 2), IIB+H2,T3 Class II,Div.2, eGl, eG2
  • ATEX / IEC Ex BASEEFA Certificate: Ex d IIB T4/T3 - Ex de IIC T4/T3 - Ex e IIC T3 - Ex pxe IIC T3 - Ex tD A21 T4 - Ex nA IIB T3 - Ex nA IIC T3


Industry & Application :
Chemical and petrochemical industry ,Production of mineral oil and gas ,Flour / feed mills ,Grain elevators ,Fans ,Pumps ,Blowers ,Compressor

Explosion proof Motors