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Case Study

Fume Unit


Application: Main ID Fan- 4 Sets 2000 kW

Primary EAF Suction Line Booster Fan- 710 kW

Material Handling Line Booster Fan- 355 kW

Refractory Wrecking Line Booster Fan- 250 kW

Primary LF Suction Line Booster Fan- 250 kW

DR Plant



Application: Mainer blower

Replacement of Siemens


SCIM 1700 kW, 660V, 4 Pole, IC616


Operating in Ambient Temperature 55°C

corrosive environment





Water Treatment Unit


Application: Pump

20 Sets MV Motors 

Ratings: 200 kW, 160 kW-2 Pole, 160 kW-4 Pole

17 Sets LV Motors

Rating: 160 kW, 132 kW, 90kW, 18/5 kW

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