Low Voltage Motors

General Information

TECO-Westinghouse offers a total performance package of cast iron motors, from norm al standard efficiency (1E2) up to high performance premium efficiency (1E4). Frames, end-shields and terminal box assemblies are manufactured from high-grade cast iron. TECO-Westinghouse Cast Iron Motors are manufactured to high quality standards. The rugged construction provides the ideal product for all industrial applications, with the peace of mind that a One Year Warranty provides.

Standard Featurs :
  • Output Power: 1/4-1,500HP
  • Voltage Range: 200-690V
  • Pole Number: 2-16
Technical Features :
  • Available in both IEC and NEMA frames and specifications
  • 1E2, 1E3 & IE4 Efficiency level
  • Foot and Flange Mounted
  • VFD compatible
  • Class 'F' Insulation / Temperature rise Class 'B' (Class'H' as option)
  • Special paint finishes ,Tropical proofing
  • Available in custom design
  • Special shaft extensions - Encoder/Tacho kits
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Force Ventilation kits
  • Oversize terminal box
  • Enclosure: TEFC, ODP IP 55 (Weather Protected)
  • IP55