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Case Study

Peletizing Plant - HPGR Unit



Application: Roller Press

SRIM 830 kW, 4 Pole, 6300 V, IMB3, IC611, Starting with liquid starter


Replacment of ABB with No changes in :


•  Existing foundation / base

•  Existing coupling

•  Existing cabling


Boddington Australia


Application: Ball Mill

7800kW, 8Pole, 11kV, Frame# 1250

Dual drive - 2 motors drive one gear reducer and Ball mill


Condensation Unit


Application: Slurry Pump

Alstom replacement

SCIM 800kW, 8Pole, 690V, VFD-Compatible



• Stator current reduce from 861.5 to 814 Amp.

• Using High Voltage Spikes Resistance insulation (Suitable for VFD operating) à insulation withstand increases up to 3.1 times of rated voltage, in high operating speed

• Service Factor: 1.2

• Change No. of pole 6 to 8 in order to motor + VFD performance improvement

Mining Industry

Wound Rotor Motors
Medium Voltage Motors
Low Voltage Motors


The mining and minerals industry consists of mines and processing plants using electrical   and mechanical equipment for the extraction and processing of minerals.

It’s a global industry that is undergoing consolidation resulting in fewer but larger, companies that are dominating the market. These large copanies see the value in establishing relationships with TECO-WESTINGHOUSE as they provide a high level of service and product support at their sites as well as close co-ordination with their OEMs and EPCs partners.

The demand for mined products will continue to increase while the emaining ore deposits will become lower grade, resulting in mines that must be larger and more productive in order to remain competitive. These large operators look for leading edge technology from TECO-WESTINGHOUSE to meet their goals of increased reliability, reduced energy cost and increased automation and mechanization. TECO-WESTINGHOUSE’s proven ability to provide products and services that exceed these expectations make us an ideal partner with global mining companies.