Medium and High Voltage Motors

General Information

TECO's position as a world leader in the design and manufactuing of large induction motors is secured by an unfailing commitment to engineering excellence and technological innovation. For a half of century TECO motors have been recognized as industry leaders in dependability and quality.

Crown Series motors are custom designed to each customer's specific application. Because of their design versatility and high logical choice for a multitude of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, electric utility, water and waste water, marine, steel, mining and separation.

Standard Featurs :
  • Output Power: 75-30,000 HP
  • Voltage Range: Up to 13,800 V
  • Pole Number: 2-34
Technical Features :
  • Available in both IEC (High Efficiency) and NEMA (Super premium Efficiency) frames and specifications.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Mountings
  • VFD Compatible
  • Cast Iron or Steel Structure Frame
  • Rugged box frame construction for strength and reliability
  • Advanced Bearing system for reliable performance
  • Heavy-duty Rotor construction for dependable service
  • Anti-Friction and Split-Sleeve Bearing
Enclosure :
Application :
Fan ,Blower ,Compressor ,Extruder ,Klin Driver ,Hoist ,Mill ,Mixer ,Pump ,Refiner ,Crusher ,Conveyer