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Case Study

Gas Transmission Substation



Application: Compressor

8400 kW, 11000V, 4 Pole,  IC81W

Mounting: IM B3

Starting Method: Soft Starter

Exp IIA T3 

Petrochemical Company



Application: Water Intake Pump

5250 kW, 11000V, 14 Pole,  IC611

Mounting: IM V1

Starting Method: DOL & Soft Starter

Efficiency: 96%

Vertical Motor

Oil Refinery Company



Application: Water  Pump

1000 kW, 6000 V, 6 Pole,  IC611

Mounting: IM V1

Starting Method: DOL

Efficiency: 95.7%

Vertical Motor

Petrochemical Company



Application: Pump

255 kW, 6000 V, 2 Pole, IC411

Mounting: IM B3 

Exe IIB T3

Capacity expansion: 185kW --> 255kW


Replacment of ABB with No changes in :


•  Existing foundation / base

•  Existing coupling

•  Existing cabling

Oil & Gas Industry

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