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Petrochemical Company - Olefin Unit

Application: Air Compressor

700 kW, 6000V, 2Pole,  IC611

Mounting: IM B3

IP: W55


Explosion Proof Motors
Medium Voltage Motors
Low Voltage Motors


Petrochemical Company - Steam Unit

Application: FD Fan

Service: Boiler Fan

1800 kW, 3300V, 4Pole,  IC611

Mounting: IM B3


Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical processing invariably involves operations like pumping, conveying and mixing that depend on mechanical movement. As a result, electric motors and drives that transmit the rotating motion, and controllers that regulate this motion, are abundant within chemical processing plants.

Your petrochemicals require energy-efficient performance within safe, precisely controlled processes. Our equipment portfolio delivers an extensive range of low- and medium-voltage variable frequency drives (VFDs), motors that will enable you to exceed these stringent requirements.

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