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Th design of the new motors were based on Japanese standard d- Ex-Proof certificate from ATEX. All special accessories provided were exactly same as the existing motor in order to facilitate the condition monitoring of the motors. Full Type test of all motors at TECO-Westinghouse factory. Competitive price in comparison with the original motor.

The Client has expanded the existing production line as they needed to increase the capacity of the pumps, so they have done some modifications on the pump impellers so the power on shafts has increased but the client insisted to make no change to the frame size although they needed more power from motor on top of this the specs were Exe IIB T3. Matrix team had several technical meetings with the engineering department of the client and after many clarifications from both sides, Teco factory team sized the motor very accurately & precisely based on the new pump Impeller design and considered the load curves with enough safety margin and the power has been increased from 185 KW to 255KW without changing the frame size, critical mounting dimensions and also the Terminal box sizes and locations all remained the same.

Replacement of ABB


Application : Pump

255kW - 6600 V - 2Pole - Exe IIB T3


Petrochemical Industry

Replacement of TMEIC


Application : Fan

1400kW - 6000 V - 4 Pole 


Petrochemical Industry

The motor was designed especially for VFD Compatibility and the motor now copes much better with bad harmonics coming from the VFD this came from a special design consideration for reinforced insulation and using high grade spike resistance insulation material for increasing the durability of winding insulation against the transient voltage, to increase the capacity of the insulation material in order to with stand the Voltage impact upto 3.1 times of the 690V.

This case was a special because of the high power (2460KW) with low Voltage (690V). The client a cement company was using ABB motors for years and they were looking for a motor OEM who can supply a spare motor with improved performance, with a comparable price to the original brand and after log technical evaluation they chose TECO-Westinghouse. Since the applicationwas an ID Fan and they needed to have full control of the process by witn an ABB VFD , So matching the new motor with existing ABB VFD was a big concern for the client.

Steel Industry

Mining Industry

Cement Industry

Matrix takes motor replacement seriously and views it as complex process and takes full ownership of giving the customer the right solution with zero risk, we understand we are dealing with critical plant equipment and thus ensure we follow strict procedures evolved from the experiance of replacing motors of different manufacturers around the globe what ever the application or standards.


Key Points

  • Working Directly with the factory engineering design team

  • Full site survey of existing equipment

  • Upgraded performence in same package size can offen be acheived.

  • All mounting options are availabe.

  • New Motor can be designed to work on existing VFD whithout changing drive setting.

  • Wide range of cooling options availabe.

  • Low starting current and low noise designs availabe.

  • Full load testing vailabe at the factory.



We have a strong pedigree to be able to replace any existing motor of any brand or type and give an enhanced and upgraded solution which provides better performance and a longer life.
Paying for an existing OEM replacement can often be costly and any pre-existing problems can quickly re-occur. Our highly qualified engineers have acquired valuable experience from executing unique projects around the world. This allows us to upgrade any existing large motors with a more upto date, improved design with the same key dimensions, to give a longer life and enhanced performance.


We are able to design identical terminal boxes with the same dimensions, cable connections terminal locations as original unit preventing any changes or modifications to be required at site before commissioning.

Replacement of ABB


Application : ID Fan

2460kW - 690 V - 6 Pole 


Electric Motor Replacement

Replacement of Alstom


Application : Slurry Pump

800 kW - 690 V - 8 Pole 


Replacement of Siemens


Direct Reduction Plant

1700 kW - 6600 V - 4 Pole