General Information

ROLLER TABLE drives are essential parts of a steel mill's equipment. They need to be fully reliable, or else entire production lines threaten to stand still, which may result in irreparable damages to the equipment if freshly cast goods stay on the roller tables for too long. The drives must withstand harsh environments, extremely irregular operating modes, heavy loads, and maximum temperatures. Roller drives must deliver high torques. They must be able to instantly reverse the rolling direction and
feature variable speed adjustment. This entails high electrical, mechanical, and thermal stress on the drives.

Standard Featurs :
  • Output Power : 1 ~ 260 kW
  • Voltage Range : 380 ~ 460 V
  • Number of Pole: 4 ~ 12
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Protection : IPW 66
  • Cooling: IC 410
  • Bearing : Anti friction
  • Vibration : Grade A (Acc. to NEMA)
Technical Features :
  • Totally enclosed fanless
  • Robust design
  • Inviroment improved protection
  • Internal epoxy anti-Corrosion painting
  • Sealing at cable inlet and sealing between endshield and frame
Roller Table Motors