General Information

vailable in horizontal and vertical configurations,TECO-Westinghouse's Wound Rotor Motors are designed with advanced features to ensure outstanding performance. The motor's slip rings & brush gears, critical components on any wound rotor machine are rated for continuous operation and are fitted with highly reliable brush - lifting & short-circuiting devices.The unit's high quality carbon brushes feature a large cross- sectional area to better conduct high currents safely during heavy peak load conditions. Constant-pressure brush-holders further ensure reliable performance.
The unit's stator core features are insulated low-loss and high-grade electrical steel.The slot is precisely punched and special consideration is paid to protect coil insulation against damage during stator core build. The complete core is pressed between steel endplates and welded for strength and rigidity.
TECO-Westinghouse's advanced rotor design includes preformed coils of high quality rectangular-section copper.The coil conductors are protected from thermal breakdown with a heavy-build, heat-resistant, mica tape. After the insulation is fully applied, the rotor is balanced per NEMA/BS/AS. The process involves three stages: static balancing, dynamic balancing of the rotor only and running balancing of the complete motor. Users can select either split sleeve or anti-friction bearings.

Standard Featurs :
  • Output Power: 10-25,000 HP
  • Voltage Range: 220-13,800 V
  • Pole Number: 2-20
Technical Features :
  • Designed for high- starting torque with the lowest inrush current
  • Cast iron construction or steel structure frame
  • Variable mountings
  • Brushes selected that provide high performance under varying load condition
  • High-grade steel shaft material
  • Continuously rated slip ring & brush gears
  • Brush lifting & short circuit device available
Application :
Ball and Sag Mills ,Cranes / Hoists ,Pumps ,Fan
Slip Ring Motors