Smoke Spill Motors

TECO’s High Temperature motors are designed & tested to operate at extremes of temperature in the event of fires. These motors are for use with fans to extract smoke & heat from buildings giving sufficient time for evacuation.

Frames 80 - 315

Foot mounting  80- 3 15 frame

Pad mounting  80 - 250  framers

   Category       TemperatureºC            Duration     
F200 200 2 hours
F300 300 1 hours
F400 400 2 hours
Standard Specification

• Efficiency: CEMEP/EC Efficiency class EFF2
• 380-415V 50Hz or 440V at 60Hz
• Totally enclosed A.O.M. air over motor for fan use in air stream. IP55
• Frame Size: F80 to F315
• Voltage and Hz: 380-415V 50Hz or 440V at 60Hz
• Insulation: Class "H" insulation
• Material: All Cast Iron frame
• Foot Mount and Pad Mount
• Ratings and Standard: The motors are rated S1 (S.F. 1.0) continuous with follow-up emergency rating to S2
• Ambient: -15°C to 40°C (Normal operation)
• Bearing System Lubrication: D80-D160 frame high temperature grease shielded roller bearings (ZZ)
.• D180 upwards pressure grease relief system
• Direction: Bi-directional
• Nameplate: Nameplates are made from stainless steel
• Loose Leads: motors fitted with 1m of high temperature cable
• Paint Finish: Phenolic rust proof base plus lacquer, surface finished painting in RED Munsell 7.5R/20 or RAL-3002